persoonlijke advertentie

One day I was working on a "New Years" wish, the next second I'm working on a personal ad, inspired by the just announced fact that I would be losing my home in the coming two weeks. Without a new house in sight and a job needed ever so desperately, I decided it was time to ditch the wish and start making some personal propaganda. Fortunately the cat landed on its' feet and has a home now, all though it had to live through quite a few lives.

January 2012.

New Music Video : June Miller - Neurosis

Originally this music video was part of a 20 minute long live set by June Miller, but has now been re-editted to accompany their ep "Give Up The Ghost" on the Horizons imprint. This ep also contains a few remixes of Neurosis. I'm happy to say that this gets to leave the vault at last.

November 2011.

Sketchbook titlebar

It's always good practise to draw with the old pen and paper, to hold an actual brush from time to time. With this concept in mind I thought it would be nice to share my scribbles and adventures in the physical world on paper. It is my intention to update this part regularly, but most likely it will happen in bulk. enjoy.

Last updated in May 2012.

book titlebar

As earlier announced on the page, I've decided to bundle my Afghanistan photos into a sweet little 7 x 7" book. The book has landed! The circulation will be extremely limited (25 copies only) at first. The book features almost all the photographs in the series on my site, plus extras like an interview and introductions to things on both camps and the themes handled. The cost of a single copy is 26 euros plus postage to the destination of your choice. To get your mits on a copy, email me.

September 2009.


These photos are part of a series under constructing about big cities around Europe, their uniformity in people and their uniqueness at the same time. Showing things that can be found anywhere, but where exactly that is quite ambiguous.

June 2009.

home base support

In 2008 I posted a series of photographs of my journey to Afghanistan where I was sent by Home Base Support to get inspired for the following brief. Home Base Support wanted 5 illustrations and an animation depicting their core values and to appeal to their specific target group, consisting mainly of Dutch soldiers on a tour of duty.

May 2009.

home base support

For this piece I've drawn my inspiration from the dream sequence as seen in The Big Lebowski, fashion magazines and collage style animations. The whole idea was to make this look like analogue meets digital and to resemble some surrealistic dream. The lyrics of the tune are about growing up and wisdom, but the imagery is more of an associative quality if anything.

June 2009.

afghananistan titlebar

In September 2008 I went to Afghanistan to visit Kandahar (KAF) and Tarin Kowt (kamp Holland) I was sent there to gather some inspiration for the job Home Base Support gave to me. What follows here is a photographic report of what goes on in normal day to day life on both camps. I would also like to thank everyone who helped me there and to give a little shout to people I've met along the way through this journey, as I think about you often.

ps all your loveletters and hatemail, or other types of mail can go here.. I had a few complaints my mail is here it is. A special thanks goes out to my dear friends for helping me out with making this website, I could not have done it without you!

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